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Aiir tulum retreat

The AIIR 6 - day retreat is a life changing experience nestled within the tropical paradise of Tulum, Mexico. Reconnect with yourself and like-minded individuals who prioritize self-love, growth, and inner transformation. 

Rediscover yourself, allowing inner-peace of the mind in a tranquil space.

The AIIR retreat will help you create balance within a blend of structured activities, communal workshops, and inner nourishment. You will leave Tulum with a renewed sense of freedom, confidence, and vitality, bringing a deeper connection toward what you have manifested on this journey.   Reconnect with yourself with practices to keep your mindset sharp in and outside the salon. You will leave Tulum with the tools to connect to your inner self and achieve what you have manifested on this journey.  

Our AIIR Retreat will be held on March 2-7, 2024 to ignite your creativity and rejuvenate your energy to a high vibrational level.

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