Crystal Energy Certification | AIIR X Mariah K Lyons

  • Crystal Energy Certification Class with Mariah K Lyons
  • Crystal Energy Certification Class with Mariah K Lyons
  • Crystal Certification Class with Mariah K Lyons
  • Crystal Healing Class with Mariah K Lyons

Crystal Energy Certification | AIIR X Mariah K Lyons


Becoming a Holistic Hairstylist is a journey of self-discovery, expansion and consciously creating our experience of life. AIIR is on a mission to provide you with practical tools and techniques to allow your unique gifts to truly shine while offering your clients amplified services that will both serve you and each client that walks in the door.

Learn best daily practices to stay grounded and present through the pivots of your career while exploring energetic healing tools and working with natural balancing elements such as crystals. 
Communicate beauty from the inside out and allow your gifts and healing touch as a hairstylist to truly shine through attracting the clients you’ve been waiting for!

Meet your teacher and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women and crystal expert Mariah K Lyons as she opens your awareness and knowledge of this ancient practice. You will deepen your knowledge of crystals to enhance your skills and utilize energy balancing techniques that will catapult your manifestations, creativity and success to become the highest version of you to pass down to your clients and those around you.

This is a 2-PART Crystal Energy Certification class featuring Mariah K Lyons. Dates for the two classes are below:

  • May 23rd: 10:00am - 2:00pm PST
  • May 24th: 10:00am - 2:00pm PST

This certification is limited to 25 people per class. Sign up today!

This will be a ZOOM event. After purchase, you will receive a ZOOM link at least one week prior to the certification course along with more information about what to expect for this class.

About Mariah K Lyons

Mariah K. Lyons is an author, designer and multi-disciplinary holistic practitioner based in Los Angeles, CA.

“Mariah has the unique ability to cut through the clutter that surrounds the world of wellness.” —West Coast Vogue Contributor

“An innovative leader in a new category of footwear.” —Forbes

VERIFIED IG: @mariahklyons

She is the founder and CEO of luxury wellness footwear brand ASTARA and is the author of Crystal Healing for Women published with Penguin Random House in Fall 2020. She is a Crystal Healer, Educator, Western Herbalist, Reiki Master and Meditation Guide and has created workshops and classes for Nike, Comcast, NBC Universal, Soho House and Dreamworks. Her work empowers individuals to find balance and holistic wellbeing in a modern world, utilizing elements of the earth.

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