What Is a New Moon?
New Moon Meaning, Rituals & Affirmations

what is a new moon

A New Moon signifies a time for new beginnings and self reflection. We can use this as an opportunity to create or perform new rituals that help us manifest a more balanced future. There are many key components to take note of during a New Moon if you want to harness this energy and maximize your benefits.


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What happens on a new moon?

Just like releasing on a full moon, the opportunity to create some serious manifestation magic is there for the taking on a new moon! 
The new moon is all about new beginnings, whether that’s new relationships, new adventures or even new habits.
Many people will have their full moon rituals down to a tee; think salty baths, burning away troubles and getting their sage cleanse on. However, new moon rituals sometimes get a bit neglected and all that juicy new energy gets left on the table. 

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What can occur during a new moon?

With a whole heap of sparkly new moon energy for the taking, you can use this time to visualize, set intentions and gather energy for what’s to come. Rather than focus on the doing at this time, it’s better to focus on the planning and the dreaming. So if you are keen to plan a project or start making goals for the future, now is the time to create that awesome roadmap of how you are going to get there.

Creating rituals at the new moons will allow you to tune into your inner world and use the energies available to manifest in the external world. While it might sound woo-woo, it’s not really that “out there” if you consider our ancestors planted, hunted, fished, and traveled by the seasons and cycles of the moon.

Does a new moon happen every month?

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Just like the full moon, every month we have a new moon, which makes it great for monthly self-care planning. A new moon occurs when the moon is between the earth and the sun, which is the time when the brighter side of the moon is facing away from the earth.

The new moon is the first phase of the eight lunar phases, followed by the phases; waxing, full moon and then waning before the end of the cycle and another new moon begins again.

How long does the new moon last?

The new moon usually lasts for 6-7 days, before it begins the waxing phase.

What day is the next new moon?

The next new moon is on Tuesday, May 11th, 2021.

Does new moon mean no moon?

Although the new moon may appear almost invisible, it’s certainly not a case of new moon, no moon and as such, a very small sliver of crescent can often still be seen.

Is the new moon good luck?

Legend has it that the new moon can indeed offer a touch of good luck for any new beginnings during this time such as new jobs and new house moves.

Does the new moon affect mood?

The New Moon often affects your mood, because its magnified energy will amplify your existing emotions. This can prove to be a positive effect of the shift, however, as it provides a time for reflection.

How do you do a new moon ritual? 🌙

girl holding an obsidian crystal and sage for smudging

Put your manifesting skills to the test with some of my favorite rituals that can easily be done from home:

Create a Sacred Space

Find a calm place to sit, turn on some relaxing tunes and surround yourself with special items that mean a lot to you.

Smudge It

Clear all the leftover energy around you by lighting a candle, burning sage and imagine any negative energies washing away.

Be Present

Allow yourself to become fully present in the moment, focusing on your breathing and feeling every inch of your body as you inhale and exhale.

girl holding an amethyst crystal in her hand

Make the Connection

Get in touch with Mother Earth by holding your chosen crystal close, lighting a candle, burning sage or intense and filling a bowl of water with salt.

Set the Intention

Write in your journal and take the time to reflect. Think about what you would like to manifest for this moon cycle. Write it down and pass it through a smudge or incense. Be specific and keep your list short so you can spend more energy on attracting one thing at a time.


Spend time meditating and visualizing each step that you’ll take to get to where you need to be. How will you reach your new goals? See yourself taking action and doing it.


Feel your intentions in your body, sit with them and be open to how it feels. Experience those feelings as has already happened, be with it and feel it deeply within.

Make it Be

Release your desires to the universe, let it hear you whilst breathing in the gratitude in your heart. Declare to the universe out loud ‘I am ready to receive and so it is!”.

Dive Deeper

For a new moon oracle card reading, pull 5 cards in a row which represent where you’ve been in the past, what needs to be released, what your new intention is, what to be aware of moving forward, and your next step towards manifesting your intention.

Tune In

If your intention is to feel more confident, are you allowing the energy of confidence in your body? What are you doing/stopping to feel that way? What people and circumstances are coming into your life to help you with that? What challenges are you encountering? Where are you holding yourself back? What guidance did you receive from the oracle cards? What is the card from the current lunar stage you are in guiding you on? How is this helping you fully embody your intention?


Set a reminder on your phone to tune in every few days to keep you on track or share your intention with a soul sister to hold you accountable to taking action over the next 28 days.

Keep your dreams alive with confidence and belief that anything is possible for you!

Remember to keep your intentions clear and focus on one thing at a time.

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What does the new moon mean?

The New Moon signifies a reset, so collectively we’re starting to wrap things up and prepare for the next chapter in life’s story. But this time, you hold the pen.

Whether you’ve got old emotions flowing up to be released or you feel a little scattered. Remember that all things happen for a reason and in perfect timing.

Try to create more balance and harmony.

You’re finally coming into a place of wholeness where you feel like you can begin a new adventure with a fresh perspective.

New Moons symbolize the perfect time to set new intentions so begin to think about how you want to feel as you move through this next chapter of your life.

What emotions and energies would you like to create more of?

New Moon Affirmations For Your Sign

ARIES: I allow myself to surrender control of situations that no longer serve me to make room for my passions.

TAURUS: I connect to a community of love and support.

GEMINI: I accept my destiny and trust the next steps unfolding.

CANCER: I give myself permission to explore my inner self and try new things.

LEO: I give myself permission to explore my inner self and try new things.

VIRGO: I accept intimacy from others and myself even when it’s uncomfortable.

LIBRA: I am focused, balanced, and make healthy choices in all things I do.

SCORPIO: I am creative and give myself permission to have fun and play.

SAGITTARIUS: I am comfortable, supported, and allow unlimited abundance.

CAPRICORN: I am open to make new connections and friendships that support my highest good.

AQUARIUS: I am strong in my integrity and believe I can achieve anything I set my heart and soul to.

PISCES: I allow natural skills and talents to attract magical new opportunities that align with my highest good.

Make sure to write down your affirmation and save it for later! And if you want to take it a step further: Find the AIIR product that matches your sign!

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