Jenny Strebe bulldozes past perceived limitations, self-doubt and internet skeptics to soar as an influencer extraordinaire turned self-funded product founder.Many stylists who reach the upper echelons of the industry appear as if their success came naturally, even effortlessly, as if destiny itself paved the path toward greatness. Jenny Strebe—owner, founder and acting CEO of AIIR Professional, and creator of the @theconfessionsofahairstylist social media dynasty—is quick to note that she is not one of those people.
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Mane Addict

What Is Crystal-Infused Haircare, and How Do You Maximize Its Benefits?

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Create and Cultivate

Small Business Advice—How a Hairdresser Turned Her Instagram Community Into a Product Line.

But Strebe’s real strength lies in innovation. While cultivating her dream career, she also started ideating her own product line, infusing earth’s natural resources into haircare. So, two years ago, she finally decided to self-fund and develop her own high-performance haircare line called AIIR (they even have their own merch!). Using crystal energy and other natural earthly materials, AIIR’s products are holistic, effective, and revolutionary in the world of beauty. There’s nothing like them on the market, which has also proven to be part of the challenge in launching them, but that just made Strebe more determined.

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