7 Rose Quartz Rituals to Raise Your Loving Vibrations this
Valentine’s Day

Hello lovelies!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Flowers, cards, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are everywhere.

Love is in the air… or should we say, in the AIIR (wink, wink).

But regardless of relationship status, many of us harbor complex emotions around the holiday of Cupid and candy hearts. Feeling the love isn’t always easy-- especially at this time of year.

Between hustling to reach our New Year’s goals (great hair: check!), fighting off colds, and preparing for the renewal of Spring, we often forget to carve out space for peace and stillness. It’s common to feel drained, depleted and burned out during the last days of winter.

Add to that the pain of past heartbreak, loneliness, and high expectations surrounding February 14, and you might feel your love tank running a little low.

Just remember this, darling friend-- you have everything you need. The love you seek is already inside you. All you have to do is slow down, breathe deep and tap into the loving energy within.

One of the best tools to clear out the clutter and open the heart is rose quartz, the stone of universal love. It’s a favorite for Valentine’s Day because of its soft pink color, but rose quartz has so much more to offer the body, mind and heart.

This precious gemstone purifies and cleanses the heart of negative energy to promote deep inner healing. It opens the heart to all forms of love: self-love, family love, friend love, and romantic love.

You can find beautiful 4-6 inch rose quartz crystal points in our shop. Once you try this powerful energetic crystal, you may be amazed at the changes you manifest in your life!

Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite rose quartz rituals to upgrade your self-care practice and boost your loving vibes, on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Love Yourself First

Whether you’re planning to celebrate with a partner this year, or you are your own Valentine, cultivating self-love is so essential for sharing love with others. Rose quartz is one of the best stones for restoring trust and harmony in relationships, including your relationship with yourself.

A beautiful way to start your day is to gift yourself with unconditional love. Upon waking, sit cross-legged on your bed or floor and hold a rose quartz crystal in your hand. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel yourself breathing in pure love and breathing out any negative or unkind energy.

Next, say a self-love affirmation out loud. You can choose or create any affirmation that feels aligned for you. Some possibilities include:

  • Today, I choose to love myself.
  • I radiate love, peace and kindness.
  • I deserve happiness, love, peace, freedom, joy and anything else I desire.
  • I give and receive love freely and joyfully.

Repeat your affirmation until you truly believe that these words are true. As you transition into your day, carry the sense of love, kindness and compassion into everything that you do.

Create a High-Vibe Space

Your environment has a major impact on your mood and vibrations. It’s difficult to experience loving vibes in a dark, cluttered or dirty space.

If your schedule allows, February is the perfect time for some early spring cleaning! Get rid of the clutter (both physical and emotional) and sweep dust and toxic energy out the door. Open your blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible.

Then place several rose quartz crystals around your space to protect against toxicity and environmental pollution. The subtle positive energy emanating from the crystals will help to transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and love. Here are some of our favorite places to put rose quartz stones:

Your Bedroom

As the ultimate stone of love, it’s no surprise that rose quartz is often found on bedside tables. This stone opens hearts and helps partners to understand each other, thus supporting peace, balance and, yes, intimacy.

But don’t skip this if you’re single-- you deserve a high-vibe, love-infused bedroom! Shower yourself with loving vibes by placing a rose quartz crystal on your nightstand or under your bed.

Your Office or Workspace

Do you have a special evening planned with your partner, your friends or yourself on Valentine’s Day? Get ready by placing a rose quartz crystal on your desk, salon counter, or work area during the day.

Enjoy the loving and peaceful energy as the stone cleanses your workspace of negativity and lifts your mood. If you find yourself getting stressed at work, take a moment between tasks to place your hand on the stone and breathe deeply.

Luxuriate in a Rose Bath

Sinking into a hot, fragrant bath is one of the quickest ways to relax and experience inner calm. Turn your bath into a sacred ritual by dipping your rose quartz crystal into the running water for an instant energy boost. Add a few drops of rose essential oil and a scoop of your favorite pink Himalayan bath salts.

When the tub is full, sprinkle a handful of fresh pink rose petals over the surface of the water and place your rose quartz crystal on the side of the tub. Light a candle or a sage bundle and settle in for this peaceful date with yourself.

Manifest Your Intentions

Rose quartz is the perfect stone for manifesting love in your life. This heart-opening crystal is known to clear limiting beliefs and negativity, making space for your loving energy to flow freely. To attract a romantic partner, or improve an existing relationship, place the stone under your bed.

Don’t limit yourself to romantic love! Rose quartz also helps you attract friendship, stronger bonds with family members, and a deeper relationship with yourself. Try placing a rose quartz crystal beside a picture of yourself, your friends, or your family. Hoping to meet a new friend? Write a list of the qualities you value in a friend, and place the list under your rose quartz stone.

Place your hand on your crystal and focus on the love you desire. Tell yourself that you deserve close and loving relationships. Imagine your resistance clearing away and making space for more love to come into your life. Feel gratitude for this love, and be ready to receive it when it arrives!

Heal a Broken Heart

In today’s world, we put so much attention on caring for our physical bodies. Yet many of us are walking around with deep emotional wounds that have never been tended.

Rose quartz can help to heal the heart chakra, removing blockages from past hurts and opening the heart to manifest love in its purest form.

Practice emotional and energetic hygiene by meditating while holding your rose quartz crystal close to your heart. Breathe deeply and rhythmically, in through your nose, and out through your mouth.

As you inhale, feel the loving and kind vibrations and the warmth of the stone. As you exhale, imagine a ray of pink light coming out of your heart center, pushing away bad energy and any beliefs that are no longer serving you.

This self-care ritual often yields beautiful results-- from healthier and happier relationships to a better understanding of self. You’ll feel a difference right away!

(Just a quick note, beauties-- rose quartz is a powerful tool for emotional healing, but it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for mental health treatment. If you’re suffering from trauma or severe emotional distress, please seek out professional care. You are worth it!)

Enhance Your Yoga Flow

Yoga is well known for unblocking and releasing good energy. When you add healing crystals to your yoga practice, you create a deeply healing and transformative experience for both body and soul.

One of the easiest ways to enhance your yoga session is to place your rose quartz crystal point at the top of your mat. This will not only raise the vibrational energy of the space, it will also increase your inner sense of peace and love. If you have several rose quartz crystals, set them in a line at the top of the mat.

Many yoga flows end with savasana, or corpse pose. As you come to rest in savasana, place your rose quartz crystal over your heart chakra in the center of your chest. This opening of the heart chakra is profound and may even stir up some difficult emotions. Acknowledge these feelings, breathe into them, and allow them to wash over you as the healing energy moves through your heart.

New to yoga? We love this Heart Chakra Yoga and Valentine’s Vinyasa Flow from Yoga with Adriene. Both videos are beginner-friendly and free to try in the comfort of your own home!

Elevate Your Hairstyle with Rose-Quartz Infused Hairspray

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to get creative with your hair and add a touch of glam to your go-to styles. Whether you’re going out on the town or treating yourself to an at-home spa night, smooth and shiny hair is sure to make you feel special.

For a cozy winter night in, try a soft and sleek blowout or a sweet heart-shaped braid.

Getting ready for a big date? How about romantic princess curls, or a chic updo to match that little red dress?

No matter what look you create, your gorgeous hair deserves a high-vibe finishing touch. That’s why we infused our Flexible Hold AIIR Spray with green tea extract for glossy shine and rose quartz for peace, love and calm. It’s perfect for taming flyaways and keeping your style in place while opening your heart to love.

The next day, you can simply brush through your hair and re-style it as desired. No sticky residue or crunchy ends. The scent is light and airy, just right for Valentine’s Day!

Spread the Love

So there you have it… our favorite tips for adding rose quartz to your self-love routine! We hope these ideas help you move through your days with greater intention, level up your self-care rituals, and fall more deeply in love with yourself and the special people in your life!

Make sure to stock your self-love toolkit with some ethically sourced rose crystal points and rose quartz-infused hairspray to boost your loving vibes-- on V-day and every day.

If you have your own tips for cultivating love, feel free to share them with the AIIR community in the comments section! Let’s inspire each other to create more aligned, energetic and elevated lives. ♥

With Love,
The AIIR Professional team