The purpose of this is to shift your energy quickly and provide a sense of calm & inner peace. Feel inspired, energized, & ready to take on the day, the night, or even the full moon! 

What you'll need: the Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher

  • Purpose:
    - Shift your energy quickly
    - Provide a sense of calm & inner peace
    - Feel inspired, energized, & ready to take on the day
  • Amethyst benefits: Amethyst: Helps to clear energy & aids in releasing stress. Helps to balance the crown chakra, providing the energy of calmness and creativity. Helps you identify your purpose in life and see the positive in all challenges. The unique combination of ingredients inspires a fresh start while amethyst is said to purify the aura of any negative energy.
  • Other Ingredient Benefits: Moonstore: Promotes a sense of inner peace. Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil (marula oil): Leaves hair feeling soft, smooth, and manageable. Castor Oil: Provides hydration, gloss, & shine.


1: Plant your feet &/or your seat into the ground or support that's beneath you.

2. Feel a sense of being grounded & present in this moment.

3. Depending on your level of comfort, either close your eyes or soften your gaze.

4. Turn your attention inward to how you feel rather than remaining focused on the external world.

5. Notice your breath flowing in & out.

6. Deepen your breath if it has been shallow due to the busyness of the day.

7. Take in a deep inhale & let out a deep exhale.

8. Now that you have tuned into yourself, notice a feeling or sensation you would like to release. (This could be a sense of overwhelm, tension in your jaw or shoulders, frustration, a fear, a worry, or a general sense of uneasiness, etc. Pick one feeling you would like to shift the energy of.)

9. Next, choose a feeling or sensation you would like to feel instead (This could be a feeling of peace, ease, calm, a sense of certainty, steadiness, joy, awe, or bliss, etc.)

9.We will now set the intention to transmute the "negative" or heavy feeling you would like to shift, into the more "positive" or life enhancing feeling you would like to experience instead. Example: You can say this allowed or in your head."In this moment, I am feeling overwhelmed. Yet, I choose to feel a sense of ease instead."

10. With this intention in mind, & while holding your Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher, take another long deep breath in.

11. Once you've filled your lungs with air, gently mist your Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher multiple times while circling your head with the mist.

12. Allow the mist to envelope you, while at the same time deeply exhaling & imaging the feeling or sensation you chose to release being released from your body & mind with this breath.

13.Take a pause after the exhale & feel the release of this sensation. (ahhhh. out with the overwhelm)

14. Once the mist has dissipated, inhale while imagining your body & mind filling with your new positive intention.( ahhh. in with the sense of ease)

15. Take a pause after this inhale & allow a gentle smile to reveal itself on your face. knowing you have just Refreshed Your Energy.

Frequency: Repeat daily, as you transition from one task or client to the next, or as often as desired. 

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