Black jade crystal energy comb

Protect against negative energies

Comb your stress and tensions away with our NEW BLACK Jade Crystal Energy Comb.

This stone is known to be a self protection stone and will help regulate any negative emotions, fear, anxiety while encouraging self control and wisdom. Made from genuine black jade, each comb is uniquely handcrafted and is used to stimulate your scalp and induce hair growth.

Use this comb to stimulate your scalp and regulate your body’s meridians for overall health and balance. While Jade goes to work to soothe your mind, releasing negativity.

Create a daily one minute beauty ritual with the Jade Crystal Energy Comb. While showering, gently glide the crystal comb across areas of the body as the stomach, thighs, and underarms. Alternatively, use at any time to comb through and massage the scalp.

  • Use morning or night
  • Firmly and slowly press stroke from the start of your hairline down to your neck

100% Black Jade. Our Black Jade Crystal Energy Comb is handmade from all natural Jade. There may be minor differences in color, shape, and size.


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