Hair & Energy Refresher

  • AIIR Professional HAIR + ENERGY Hair Refresher Spray

Hair & Energy Refresher


This mist is the perfect solution to refresh your hair while taming fly-aways. Keep one at home or keep it in your bag. Lightly mist hair for nourishing benefits or to rejuvenate your surrounding energies.

Harmonizing a light hydrating mist with rose water while omegas provide nutrient-rich elements and shine with almond oil.

Our water is thoughtfully infused with amethyst and moonstone that are believed to bring protection, amplify love, clear you of negative energy and celebrate new beginnings.

How to use:

Hold mist 4-6 inches away from the top of your head and mist as needed. Safe to mist around face and head. Please avoid misting straight into your eyes.

*This product does contain almond oil

Precious gemstones

Natural ingredients

Holistic haircare