Love is in the AIIR

Cupid Is Sharpening His Arrows and You Need To Prepare ❤️

AIIR Professional is more than great products inspired by amazing hairstyles. We want to bring you balance in an industry that can be quite chaotic at times!

There are many ways to prevent unwanted negative energy, and we want to share all the tips and tricks to help bring about awareness and ward off negative vibes.

With the shortest month of the year in our midst comes a lot of natural activity. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but stay alert on the 13th as our planets have something a bit more spicy than sweet to expose.

On February 13th you may notice your emotions going from neutral to 100 in a matter of seconds. Heart strings will be pulled and your head may not know which way to follow. Thankfully this planetary change will only occur on this day and is said not to return in our lifetime. So hold on tight. You got this!

February 14th will bring heightened peace to many, but for some the damage has been done! Before engaging in Cupid’s battle, protect your space and your heart with Hair + Energy Refresher and our Rose Quartz crystals. Arm yourself this month and throughout the year with some much needed good energy!

Hair + Energy Refresher is infused with Amethyst and Moonstone that promotes growth in a new chapter of our lives.

Rose Quartz is your emotional and heart felt protection from pain and has been used to heal emotional scarring.