Tame Flyways and Refresh Your Hair & Energy

When creating the Hair Refresher we wanted to create something new and fresh - literally, in hair care. Certainly you hear “high performance” a lot behind brands but we wanted to amplify well-being! We want you to feel invigorated throughout the day, whether you need a little mid-day pick me up or to freshen your hair after a work out or during a hard day at work.

Great products will always be our number one focus, but we also take you to a deeper level and create products that make sense for hair and your daily life. 

hair + energy refresher aiir professional

The Refresher was born out of a concept of my busy lifestyle with daily yoga practices, raising a family, time behind the chair as well as traveling all the time. I found that after yoga I needed a little pick me up from the sweat and during a busy day, my hair and skin was always feeling dull. I wanted something to freshen up my day. Something I truly believed in. That's where the Hair Refresher was born!

The rose water adds a little moisture to the hair while it helps deodorize. The amethyst and moonstone crystal infused water will space clear any unwanted energy with a push to encourage new beginnings. Crystals have been used for centuries but have never been infused in haircare.

amethyst crystal aiir professional

AIIR Professional always goes the extra mile so to create the perfect refresher (skin friendly too) so we teamed up with a local aesthetician who has created her own skin care range to help us come up with a solid and pure formulation.

After research and many trial and errors we found the vegetable glycerin adds moisture and smooths the cuticle while the almond oil adds omega threes and protein to the hair. How can you not love that!? It's actually been taming my pesky flyaways due to the oils inside of the product. And get this, we have witch hazel in it as well that acts as a natural stabilizer but also works as an astringent to kill bacteria with out drying the hair. 

Sounds like heaven right!? It's so simple, and then we topped it off with our signature fragrance. It smells good, but most importantly it was made with sustainable ingredients and of the purest intentions. 


Here’s what you need to know about the Hair + Energy Refresher:

Hero ingredients: Moonstone and Amethyst crystal infused water, rose water, almond oil

  • This is a limited edition product
  • The crystals we use in our infusion were blessed through a gong meditation*
  • Moonstone represents balance and new beginnings 
  • Amethyst is a healing crystal that protects your energy and the energies around you
  • Our crystal infused water only happens during a full moon
    • Ancient practice and belief is that crystals energize themselves under a full moon providing the ultimate vibrations within itself
  • Almond oil is high in fatty-acids and omega’s that help reflect light to illuminate more shine to the hair while replenishing strands with nutrients

How you use the Hair + Energy Refresher is up to you!

  • It is safe for all ages (just avoid spraying directly in eyes) and all hair types!
  • You can refresh your salon, space at home, your car or the ones you love most to give an energized feeling and protection before the busy day ahead!

Order the Hair + Energy Refresher and use is to refresh your hair. The smell will leave you feeling intoxicated with love, protection and rejuvenation!

* What is gong meditation? An ancient practice that induces relaxation, release built up tensions and releases the energies that have been blocked. It reorganizes emotional energy that is tied to the body!