Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher: Everything You Need To Know
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Amethyst Hair Refresher Energy Mist

Our energy naturally ebbs and flows throughout the day, causing us to feel amazing at certain times and tired, stagnant or unbalanced at other times. During those difficult moments, it’s so important to have a self-care toolkit we can reach for to recharge and refresh our energy flow.

One of the best tools for resetting your day, enjoying a moment for yourself and supporting healthy and positive energy is AIIR amethyst-infused Hair + Energy Refresher. Read on to discover the best ways to level-up your energy and your daily routines with this unique vibrational spray.

What is a Hair Refresher?

AIIR Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher is a crystal-infused mist that refreshes your body, hair and mood with positive energy. An invigorating blend of rose water, amethyst and moonstone inspires a fresh start, high vibrations and positive energy.

The unique blend of ingredients enhances your mood and supports a sense of calmness, focus and creativity. Amethyst is believed to purify the aura of any negative energy, creating space for you to lean in to your purpose and be fully present in each moment.

It’s recommended that you spray Hair + Energy Refresher around your room, body, and/or hair during moments of transition in your day, or whenever you feel the need for an energetic reset.

What Does a Hair Refresher Do For Your Hair?

Hair + Energy Refresher revitalizes dull or tired hair, smooths down fly-aways and tames frizz. It is infused with fragrant Damask rosewater, which makes your hair smell sweet and alluring!

Try misting Hair + Energy Refresher all around your hair after braiding or upstyling for the perfect finishing touch. It’s also great for refreshing your hair after a long day, a sweaty workout, or exposure to humidity! Hair + Energy Refresher supports healthy and soft hair, a balanced lifestyle and high-vibe energy (even on your busiest and most stressful days).

What Does Hair + Energy Refresher Do For Your Energy and Mood?

Hair + Energy Refresher supports positive energy, high vibrations and a sense of calm to balance out the frantic pace of our busy lives. As part of a mindful self-care practice, it helps you cultivate inner stillness and find your center even during a chaotic day. It takes just a few moments to use and helps to balance the crown chakra for peaceful and creative energy.

Amethyst Hair Refresher Energy Mist

How Do I Use Hair + Energy Refresher?

It’s easy to use Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher! Just shake and mist all around your room, workspace, body and/or hair. Breathe in deeply, experience the sweet and refreshing fragrance, and feel the joy and gratitude wash over you. If desired, visualize the negative energy being swept away and replaced by light and positive energy.

Apply Hair + Energy Refresher to reset and recharge your space whenever you need a moment just for yourself. It’s the perfect way to create tiny self-care rituals throughout your day. Here are some of the best times to use Hair + Energy Refresher:

Amethyst Hair Refresher Energy Mist
  • In the morning to start your day with positive energy.
  • Before your daily yoga practice or morning meditation.
  • After a workout to refresh your hair and skin.
  • In between meetings or client sessions at work.
  • Just before an exciting moment, such as a big presentation or ceremony.
  • As a natural fragrance for your body, or a room spray after cleaning your home.
  • Anytime your body needs a touch of dewy moisture or your hair feels dry and frizzy.
  • When you hit an afternoon slump and need a boost of healthy energy.
  • Before bed to energetically cleanse your space and prepare for restorative sleep.

Will Hair + Energy Refresher Weigh Down My Hair?

Hair + Energy Refresher will not weigh down your hair. It’s designed to perfectly suit all hair types, from fine and thin to textured and curly. Hair + Energy Refresher gently smooths down flyaways and frizz without making hair greasy, heavy or oily.

If your hair tends to fall flat when product is applied, simply mist Hair + Energy Refresher around your crown and allow it to settle down onto your hair, rather than spraying it on directly.

Can I Use Hair + Energy Refresher Every Day?

Hair + Energy Refresher is perfect for daily use! Did you know that scent is closely tied to memory and emotion? By applying this fragrant vibrational spray to your space, body, and/or hair every day, you can support your mood, energy levels and sense of well-being.

Try spraying Hair + Energy Refresher every day after styling your hair, before meditating or practicing yoga, or as part of your wind-down evening routine. As you build and deepen these self-love rituals, you will begin to associate the beautiful scent with that time of day, allowing you to sink fully into the moment and manifest time for yourself.

Can I Use Hair + Energy Refresher Every Day?

How Can I Refresh My Hair Between Washes?

We all love the feeling of freshly washed and blow-dried hair— but maintaining that beautiful style between washes can be a challenge! There’s nothing wrong with reaching for a hat and a can of dry shampoo when your hair feels limp, flat or greasy.

However, a few simple styling tricks can help you refresh your hair and extend the time between wash days. Try one of these quick-and-easy hair hacks to freshen up second, third, or fourth-day hair:

Define + Volumize

AIIR Texture Mousse is the perfect product for refreshing unwashed hair and extending your blowout by up to three days! Just apply a palmful of this weightless mousse to your roots and brush the product through your mid-strands. Set your blow dryer to medium heat and speed and blow-dry the product into your hair using a large round brush. The volcanic ash naturally absorbs excess oil, amplifies volume and creates definition and body. No one needs to know that you didn’t just leave the blowout bar!

Texturize + Tousle

Lift the hair up in sections and apply Texture AIIR dry texture spray to the roots. The dry texturizer absorbs oil and adds long-lasting volume with radiant shine. 

Brush + Braid

Slightly greasy hair is ideal for braiding, as the natural oils give your hair a bit more grip. Brush through your hair from roots to tips with a soft natural bristle brush to distribute those oils, then get creative with a beautiful braided hairstyle! (If you need even more grip and hold while braiding, apply a dab of Styling Paste.)

Curl Your Ends

Although it’s important to absorb excess oil and create lift at your roots in-between washes, that doesn’t mean you should overlook your ends! Freshly styled ends are key to maintaining a polished look between washes. Use your curling iron to curl just the tips of your hair, focusing on the face-framing pieces, or run a flat iron through your ends for an ultra-sleek finish.

Revitalize With Hair + Energy Refresher

Don’t forget to finish off your hairstyle with an all-over mist of Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher! It’s perfect for smoothing flyaways and frizz while making your hair smell amazing. Spray Hair + Energy Refresher all around your body and/or hair anytime you need a little pick-me-up.

How Can I Refresh My Energy?

If you hit a slump at 3 p.m. every afternoon, or you’re dragging yourself through your days, you might be wondering things like “How can I boost my energy?” and “Why is my energy so low?”. While severe fatigue requires medical treatment, these simple self-care practices can help you refresh your energy, counteract mild tiredness and feel your best every day:

how to use a hair & energy refresher

Just say “namaste”.

Yoga supports healthy energy flow by removing blockages and opening channels of energy throughout the body. While a morning yoga practice is ideal for all-day energy, you can also fit in a quick 5-minute stretch anytime you need an energy boost. Don’t forget to breathe deep!

Go for the H2O.

Dehydration contributes to feelings of sluggishness and brain fog, so make sure to drink plenty of pure water every day! A minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water is recommended, but you may need more if you are very active or live in a warmer climate. Make sure to keep a water bottle with you and sip all throughout the day. For a fun twist, try infusing plain water with fresh herbs, citrus slices or berries.

Eat for energy.

Spikes and crashes in blood sugar can leave you exhausted by mid-afternoon. To promote balanced blood sugar and energy levels, focus on protein, healthy fats and unrefined carbohydrates such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes and quinoa.

Be mindful of caffeine.

Caffeine doesn’t actually give you energy, it just prevents you from feeling that you’re tired. Drinking coffee all day, every day could make it harder for you to sleep and rest properly, resulting in less energy over the long term. Instead, try to use caffeine strategically-- maybe an espresso in the morning and a matcha latté when you hit a slump in the afternoon.

Get outdoors.

A 30-minute walk in the fresh air is the perfect way to reset your mood, boost your energy naturally and recenter your mind for the rest of your day.

Be kind to your mind.

Negative thoughts, stress, toxic social media content and never-ending to-do lists can strain our mental health and drain our precious energy. It’s important to counteract this with meditation, quiet time in nature, journaling, screen breaks and creative hobbies. By taking the time to nurture our mental and emotional health, we protect our energy for the people and activities that matter most to us.

Energetically cleanse your space.

When you feel stagnant, burned out, or stuck in a rut, mist AIIR Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher all around your room or workspace for a fresh start and a boost of positive energy. It blesses your space with a beautiful fragrance while balancing your crown chakra for calm, creative and focused vibes.

Amethyst is also said to purify the aura of any negative energy, which is perfect for when you’re holding on to something that may be dragging you down. Letting go of what no longer serves is so important for feeling energized and positive about your life right now!

Crystals, Vibrations and Manifestation Aren’t Really My Thing. Can I Still Use Hair + Energy Refresher?

Absolutely! AIIR Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher is for everyone. It’s totally okay if you’re not into the vibrational benefits of gemstones. You’ll still enjoy the light, fresh scent and the way our Hair + Energy Refresher makes your hair look and feel. 

Misting Hair + Energy Refresher all over your mane is the perfect way to freshen up tired hair at the end of a long day. It calms fly-aways, tames frizz, and leaves your hair smoother and more manageable. Stash a bottle in your purse, desk drawer or gym bag for on-the-go hair touch-ups!

the best energy refresher spray

What is the Best Hair and Energy Refresher?

AIIR Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher is the best refreshing spray for your hair, your body and your spirit. Amethyst is infused to purify the aura of any negative energy, while moonstone inspires a sense of purpose and vitality. All ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced, vegan, cruelty free and child labor free-- because we are all deeply interconnected, and how we take care of ourselves and each other matters.

An all-over spritz of Hair + Energy Refresher is the perfect way to revitalize your hair and mindset before (or after) a workout, meeting, or date. Use it anytime you need to reset and refresh your energy, or as a light and natural fragrance mist. Breathe deeply, lean in to the moment, and set an intention as this invigorating spray envelops and uplifts you. Carving out time for yourself (even just a few moments) can transform the way you show up in the world. AIIR Amethyst Hair + Energy Refresher delivers positive energy, good vibes and smoother, beautifully scented hair.

Amethyst Room and Body Mist for Positive Energy