How to Create the Perfect Effortless Braided Hairstyle

Bad hair day? Skip the fedora and rock this effortlessly-chic braided hairstyle instead. In under 20 minutes, you’ll look like you jumped straight out of the glossy pages of a fashion magazine spread. A narrow French braid, messy waves and pinned-back sides come together to create the perfect wearable look.

the perfect effortless braided hairstyle

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The key to achieving a carefree editorial feel is to pump up your hair’s volume and texture. We do that by creating flat iron waves and then applying Texture AIIR, the first crystal-infused dry texture spray. The result is tousled, perfectly messy texture and lots of beautiful body.

For this style, you’ll need a long tail comb, sectioning clips, a clear elastic, bobby pins, your favorite flat iron and lots of Texture AIIR. Here’s how to achieve the perfect effortless braided style:

braiding step 1: create a 1

Step 1: Start with dry, well-combed hair. Using a long tail comb, create a one-inch-wide section from the center of your forehead back to the crown of your head. Comb your section straight back, and secure the hair on either side with large clips.

braid step 2: french braid 1

Step 2: French braid your one-inch section until you reach the ends. Secure the braid with a clear elastic.

braid step 3: add waves to hair using a flat iron

Step Three: Add waves to your hair using a flat iron. Working with 2-inch sections of hair, place your iron into the hair with the tip pointed towards the ground. Close your iron and give it a half turn towards your face. Continue to rotate your flat iron as you slide down the section. Give your iron a gentle tug as you move through the ends to create a soft wave. Repeat with all of the hair that isn’t braided.

add texture to hair by spraying dry texture spray throughout hair

Step Four: Get messy… texture, that is! You don’t want to look TOO perfectly pretty. Texture AIIR adds grit to your hair for dirtied-up bedhead that is still soft and feminine. Apply it all over by lifting your hair up in horizontal sections and spraying Texture AIIR underneath. You’ll get an instant boost of fullness and undone, piece-y texture.

braid step 5: comb hair back on the side and secure with bobby pinsbraid step 5: use bobby pins to secure braided hairstyle in placebraid step 5: secure hair with bobby pins on the opposite side of the head

Step Five: Comb back the right side of your hair, from the braid to just above your ear. Secure the section in place with a row of vertical bobby pins behind your ear (for an understated editorial look, choose pins that match your hair color ). Repeat on the other side.

step 6: finish braided hairstyle with texture aiir dry texturizing spray to keep style in place

Step Six: Finish with an all-over blast of Texture AIIR to keep your style in place from the café to the club. Use your fingers to rough up the waves for an edgy, careless finish.

Effortless Braided Hairstyle Video Tutorial


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