Accessorizing Sleek Glossy Waves

AIIR Crystal

Today’s hair tutorial brings together both elements. Sam and Lindsay (AIIR Force artists and the powerful duo known as @s.l.trends) show you how to pair this season’s sleek, tucked center part and on-trend hair accessories with a classic glossy wave.

This style is perfect for taking the tousled beach waves from our last post from day to night. It’s also wonderful for naturally wavy hair.

All you need is a small hair elastic and a fine-tooth comb with a long tail. The styling products really make this look— AIIR Smoothing Cream gives your waves silky-soft texture and glossy shine, while Flexible Hold AIIR Spray tames flyaways and frizz.

If possible, it’s a good idea to enlist a friend’s help for this look. But no worries if you’re styling solo-- we’ve got you covered! Just follow these easy steps to get sleek, glassy waves that last all night long: 

how to accessorize sleek glossy waves with a headband

Want to watch the video tutorial? Scroll to the bottom or click here.

Step One

If you’re starting from scratch, prep your waves by applying Texture Mousse from roots to ends. This will amplify your volume and give you workable texture. (If you’re already wearing the tousled beach waves from the last post, you can skip this step).

Step Two

apply smoothing cream to hair

Apply one to two pumps of Smoothing Cream to the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to emulsify the product and work it into your hair from ear-level down. AIIR Smoothing Cream contains babassu oil, which nourishes your hair while creating luminous shine. To preserve volume, avoid applying the product to your roots.

Step Three

create a center part then section the first 2 inches of the hairline

Create a middle part in your hair and section off the front two inches on either side. Place the comb on the center part two inches behind the hairline. Using the comb’s tail or parting pick, create a diagonal line down and back to the top of the ear on each side.

Step Four

Smooth down the two-inch sections with Smoothing Cream for added polish and shine. Use a fine-tooth comb to smooth out any bumps and comb the hair back.

Step Five

pull the front hair on both sides back into a low ponytail

If you have a helper, ask them to hold the rest of your hair up and out of the way. Otherwise, clip your hair on top of your head with a large sectioning clip.

Tuck the two-inch front sections behind your ears and slick them back towards the nape of your neck, applying more Smoothing Cream as needed. Bring the left and right sections to meet at the nape and secure with a small elastic.

Sam and Lindsay love using an elastic instead of bobby pins to create the sleek, tucked part. The elastic provides superior hold without the fuss of pins slipping out-- great for those all-night dance parties!

Step Six

release the rest of the hair over the ponytail

Release the rest of your hair over the ponytail. If you notice any bubbles in the tucked front section, smooth them out by sliding the end of your tail comb underneath the hair.

Finish off with Flexible Hold AIIR Spray to tame flyaways and keep your look in place for longer. Spray the product on your hair and use your hand to gently smooth down stray hairs, working in the direction of the hair’s cuticle.

Step Seven

adding headbands to accessorize waves

For an optional finishing touch, add a fun and edgy vibe with stacked headbands. Pearls are huge right now, so Sam and Lindsay went with a few different sizes of pearl headbands. It’s the perfect way to elevate this look and accentuate the tucked center part!

Video Tutorial


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If you have fine or thin hair, it might seem like this style uses a LOT of products-- but don’t worry! AIIR Professional styling products are super lightweight and leave your hair touchably soft. This lets you layer several different products into your hair without making your locks heavy or greasy.

All AIIR products are infused with natural botanicals to nourish your hair and precious gemstones to elevate your mood. If you value wellness, sustainability, and beautiful hair, the AIIR community is the place for you! 

We’d love to see how you rock these glossy waves, so remember to post a picture on Instagram and tag us @aiirprofessional and @s.l.trends (for AIIR Force artists Sam and Lauren). We can’t wait to see you shine! ♥