5 Full Moon Rituals to Embrace New Beginnings

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In this article I will guide you through 5 full moon rituals to embrace new beginnings. The one thing in life that is constant is change, I’ve definitely learned that the hard way! Until I learned how to rewire my brain and know how to get universal energy to work for me, I suffered. I played small and watched other people do the things I dreamed of. All because I was afraid to take a leap, stop resisting, and open up to the beauty of new beginnings a.k.a change.

woman sitting on the beach meditating in from of full moon

Often we cling to things that may not be serving us because, let’s face it, letting go of our limiting thoughts feels uncertain. Imagine you are standing on the edge of a bungee jump platform ready to drop. It’s terrifying, yet you feel a soothing comfort knowing that tiny strap on your ankles will keep you alive and you can enjoy the free fall through the pounding in your chest. Your brain says, “No freaking way...abort, abort!!” But your heart says, “Oh you got this. You are protected and safe, enjoy!”

Moving forward, leveling up, and embracing the invigorating new beginning that is waiting for us is scary as hell. We don’t know what that life will look like or feel like. The mind is yelling so loudly, “stay here, at least we are safe and know what to expect!!.”

What if I told you energetically you DO have a safety cord around your ankles. That everything WILL be ok if you take the risk, take that leap, and go for that sparkly thing your heart is begging you to cease? Your new beginning is waiting for you this full moon and it will be so empowering, just you wait and see.

Why is this full moon so powerful for you to emerge from your scattered mind, indecision, and fear of the unknown?

We are in Libra season right now (September 23 - October 23rd) and energetically, that is pressuring us to seek balance in our personal lives and professional roles. With the shift in weather, imbalance of light-dark time, and schedules picking up for the holidays...you can see how we are being challenged to stay centered!

This full moon is in Aries October 13th, which is a fire sign. The moon in this sign can bring feisty, competitive, and a bit of an impatient nature out in us. You might find yourself wanting to just jump on every creative idea you have without thinking it through slowly. All the more reason to try these 5 rituals this full moon and see if you can find that center from Libra’s pull and harness all the power of Aries fiery passion. Step into your new beginning with a daring, yet calm attitude! Try one or try all of them if you’re really ready to take the reins.

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5 Full Moon Rituals to Embrace New Beginnings

Kelli Mason Meditating during a full moon

1. Meditation. A calm mind will be able to be more aware of the urges to either run away from your big dreams or try to manifest too much too soon. Our thoughts are the most powerful form of energy and vibrate through the universe even if we don’t ever speak them into existence. That’s why you can feel someone's “vibe”---it’s the level they are vibrating...and that my friend is their thoughts! Try this very simple meditation to calm your mind before you move on to the other rituals.

  • Start by finding a nice comfortable seated position, shoulders relaxed, jaw relaxed, teeth unclenched. Let your hips soften and your fingers and toes go limp.
  • Take a few deep, deep breaths in and out through your nose. On the in breath, hold your breath at the top for a count of three. On the out breath, push your breath out for a count of three.
  • Allow your thoughts that are interrupting fade into the background. Allow them to be where they are for now. Bring all of your attention to your breathing in and out.
  • Shift your focus of attention on your heart and use your imagination to breathe in and out there.
  • As you become more relaxed simply notice the thoughts that come up here. Don’t judge, just observe. As if to say, oh hello, there is a thought. I see you, I hear you.
  • As you become aware of more thoughts and observe, simply ask your inner guidance if there is any message that needs to be received?
  • Ask what do I need to know?
  • Observe what answers come from the small gentle voice inside.
  • Notice the unconditionally loving nature of the responses. The encouragement, the empowerment.
  • When you are done and feel like it’s time to move on, thank your highest self for showing up and for showing you your true nature.
  • Slowly bring yourself back to the present space by moving your fingers and toes and finding your breath back at your nose.
  • Gently open your eyes and bring that same calm and loving energy back into your room.
  • After you are finished grab your journal go to the next ritual.
Kelli Mason Journaling

2. Journaling. After your meditation use these journal prompts to help you gain more clarity on what’s next for you. A large part of the power of the moon is letting go. Creating space to bring in the new! Mist some of your AIIR energy refresher with amethyst and moonstone to help keep you calm and bring forth that highest truth as you get down with some pen and paper.

  • What do I need to let go of that is keeping me from getting to the next phase.
  • How would it feel in my body and what thoughts would be in my mind if I accepted the things that I want?
  • What if everything always worked out for me? How would I feel, think, and what would I be like engaging with other people at events, work, and classes?
Recharging crystals during a full moon

3. Recharge your crystals. Our crystals are like little sponges and they take on our energy. If we are ready to make a shift we need to clear them of the energy that has been stored from our past. The full moon has a powerful cleansing energy so you could simply sit them outside under the moon light and that will do the trick. They will be a fresh clean slate to vibe with you as you step into your new chapter.

4. Affirmations. Like I said before, our thoughts are the most powerful energy we have. Speaking and writing those thoughts into the physical world gives them even more power. On this moon day I would encourage you to choose a few powerful affirmations to speak into existence. Write them down to retrain your mind to believe these truths instead of the limiting beliefs you may have been carrying about what new chapter is going to unfold! Here are a few of my favorite for this season. Use them or choose your own.

My heart is open and I am willing to receive my dreams

The Universe always has my back

My intentions for my life are clear and I am going to be so provided for

My normal is to expect everything to work out for my highest good

I love my life. I love myself. I am grateful.

5. Intention setting. Letting go and creating space is a beautiful practice in itself. However, to become a conscious manifestor of your life it’s important to fill that space with intention. Take some time under the light of the beautiful Aries moon and get clear on what you want after you’ve let it all go. Making a clear ask to the universe creates a powerful vibration of attraction. You will become a super attractor of that new beginning you’ve been seeking if you get clear on what you want. Write down 3 things you want to accomplish (keep them simple) and 3 things you want to feel like while you are getting them done.

There you have it. This is a recipe for a magical full moon!

If you are a beauty professional seeking more support and guidance on how to manifest your dreams, become an empowered light worker, and have a support system while you are going through it, Check out the Limitless Collective, my inspiring membership community dedicated to bringing a high vibrational energy to the beauty industry.

You can also catch me on the beauty industry’s fastest growing podcast, Limitless Hairdresser with Kelli Mason where I share episodes as your personal mindset mentor and bring on leaders trailblazers in the business, mindset, wellness, and health fields! Join the beauty revolution!

Peace and high vibes,

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