Everything You Need To Know About Texture Mousse
[The Ultimate Guide]

Get ready-- texture mousse is about to become your newest hair obsession. This versatile product energizes limp hair and creates gorgeous volume and texture. It also absorbs excess oil and gives you added structure and control for styling.

Texture mousse works on all hair types to create a full, texturized finish that’s touchably soft. Whether you’re dreaming of beachy waves, tousled bedhead, or a voluminous blowout, texture mousse can help you manifest your #hairgoals. Read on to discover everything you need to know about texture mousse.

What is Texture Mousse?

Texture mousse is a thickening and volumizing product that brings limp, flat hair to life! Think of it as a dry shampoo foam and a volumizing whip in one product. Texture mousse works on all hair types to add body, grit and natural texture.

Try applying texture mousse to damp hair before blow drying for a boost of beautiful volume. Or apply a palmful to dry hair to absorb oil, create lift at the roots, and instantly refresh and thicken your hair. It’s also a great way to prep your hair before upstyling!

What Is The Difference Between Texture Mousse and Dry Texturizing Spray?

Texture mousse and dry texturizing spray are both great choices for adding intense volume and “undone” texture to your hair. So what is the difference between these two products?

For one, dry texturizing spray is, well, a spray-- and it’s usually applied to the hair after styling. Texture mousse is a light, fluffy foam that you work into your hair before styling.

Both products will give you textured volume and long-lasting hold, but they create slightly different visual effects. If you’re looking for messy, lived-in texture with lots of soft movement (plus a hint of shimmer), reach for dry texturizing spray. For workable volume and a thicker, fuller look, texture mousse is your best friend!

Pro tip: For stunning volume and carefree texture, apply texture mousse before blow drying and then finish off your blowout with dry texturizing spray. AIIR products are especially designed to be lightweight and buildable, so you won’t need to worry about weighing down your freshly blow dried hair.

What Is The Difference Between Texture Mousse and Dry Shampoo?

If limp, oily second-day hair is getting you down, you might be wondering whether it’s best to use texture mousse or dry shampoo.

Both products will absorb excess oil from your roots for that “freshly-washed” look and feel, but texture mousse also gives your hair volume, thickness and texture. Dry shampoo adds a slight boost of volume, but that’s mostly a side effect from soaking up oils that weigh your hair down. Also, dry shampoo can leave a powdery white residue on your hair, while lightweight texture mousse is completely invisible.

Here’s an easy way to remember the difference between texture mousse and dry shampoo: Use dry shampoo to freshen your blowout (or other hairstyle) without changing the look. Use texture mousse before blow drying or styling your hair to add undone texture and workable volume. You can also apply texture mousse to dry, unwashed hair to extend your blowout and pump up the volume. Second (or third) day hair never looked so good!

What Does Texture Mousse Do For Hair?

Texture mousse is one of the most versatile products in your styling arsenal! It gives your hair intense, workable volume from roots to tips. Texture mousse also adds thickness, grit and light hold to all hair types. This creates “undone” texture and helps your hair hold a style for longer.

Texture mousse can be applied before blow drying for maximum volume, in-between blowouts to refresh and extend your style, or before upstyling for long-lasting hold and texture. Best of all, this weightless and invisible mousse will never weigh down your hair or leave residue.

How Do I Use Texture Mousse?

To use texture mousse, apply a baseball-sized amount to your palm and rub your hands together to emulsify the product into a cream. Use your hands to work the mousse evenly into your hair from roots to ends.

Texture mousse works on both damp and dry hair to create instant volume, texture and thickness. For extra body, blow-dry the product into your hair with a large round brush.

Here are some of the best ways to level up your hairstyles with texture mousse:

Create the perfect voluminous blowout

Smooth, shiny, luxuriously full hair is always on point… and with the right products, it can be achieved with any hair type. Follow these simple steps to get the salon-fresh blowout of your dreams:

  • Wash and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to use conditioner on your mid-shafts through ends only, and rinse your hair thoroughly!
  • Gently pat your hair dry with a soft cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel (no harsh rubbing!).
  • Apply a palmful of texture mousse to your hands and rub your palms together until the mousse becomes a cream. Work the product into your damp hair from roots to tips.
  • Blow dry your hair with a round brush, lifting each section upwards as you apply heat.
  • Lock in the volume with a blast of cold air from your blow dryer’s “cool shot” button.
  • Finish off your look with dry texturizing spray for extra volume, texture and hold. Or, apply shine spray to your hair for a sleek and glossy finish.

Refresh sweaty post-workout hair

Ever wonder how celebs look so fresh and glowy leaving the SoulCycle studio? No, they don’t have sweat-proof hair… they just know the best products to refresh greasy strands fast!

To revitalize your hair after your sweat sesh, toss texture mousse into your gym bag. This texture mousse contains volcanic ash to naturally absorb sweat and oil from your roots and amplify volume.

Apply the product directly to your scalp and brush it into your hair from roots to mid-strands. If you have a blow dryer available, you can get even more volume by blow drying your roots on medium heat and speed. Otherwise, just apply mousse, brush, tousle and go!

Upgrade your updos

Add some oomph to your upstyles by prepping your hair with texture mousse! This gives you an instant boost of workable volume and texture for a hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads.

Texture mousse also gives fine or freshly-washed hair some grit, which helps your hair hold an updo for longer (and with fewer bobby pins). Work the product into dry hair before upstyling, focusing on your roots.

Wash + wear with style

What do you do when you oversleep on hair-washing day? Wash, comb, apply texture mousse to damp hair, and let your beautiful tresses air-dry! The mousse will add volume and soft, natural texture while helping to tame unmanageable strands. This heatless style is so quick, you might still have time for avocado toast and an oat-milk latté!

Get the full, bouncy curls of your dreams

Something about BIG, fluffy curls conveys confidence and femininity. But if you have naturally straight or fine hair, it’s tough to keep curls from falling flat!

Enter texture mousse: your styling sidekick for instant volume, grit and hold. For soft, bouncy curls, start by applying texture mousse to dry, second-day hair. (The natural oils in unwashed hair will help your hair hold a curl.) If your roots lack volume, use a large round brush to lift sections up and away from your face while blow drying on medium heat.

Next, curl your hair using a curling iron or wand with a one-inch barrel. Wrap small sections of hair around the barrel, curling the hair away from your face. As you release each curl, catch it in your palm and clip it to your scalp to let it cool. If possible, keep your curls pinned up for 10-20 minutes (this is a great time to do your makeup). Then take the clips or bobby pins out of your hair and use your fingers to softly tousle your curls into the shape you want.

Finish off with shine spray or flexible hold hairspray to smooth down flyaways and make your curls shine like satin. These soft, romantic curls pair perfectly with a studded faux-leather jacket for an edgy look. Or dress up your favorite t-shirt and jeans with this sweet hairstyle! 

Is Texture Mousse Good For All Hair Types?

Texture mousse is great for all hair types! It adds volume and texture to fine hair, revitalizes limp hair, adds extra bounce to waves and curls, and helps to smooth out frizz when your hair has a mind of its own. Everyone can benefit from making lightweight texture mousse part of their styling routine.

Read on to discover the benefits of texture mousse for your hair type.

Texture Mousse for Fine or Thin Hair

Texture mousse is your best friend if your hair lacks volume! It brings together the refreshing properties of dry shampoo with the volumizing action of a traditional mousse. The result? Hair that looks visibly thicker and fuller in seconds. Just apply the product to damp hair and blow-dry your hair with a round brush, focusing on the roots. You’ll be amazed at how full and bouncy your hair can be!

Texture Mousse for Straight Hair

If your hair lacks natural texture, a thickening and texturizing mousse is perfect for you. Texture mousse gives your hair effortless, unstyled texture and lots of body. Since straight hair tends to be flat and soft, it can be hard to hold a curl or an updo. Prepping the hair with texture mousse adds structure and grit to the hair. This not only gives you eye-catching, va-va-voom volume, it also helps your style stay in place through a busy workday (or a long night of dancing)!

Texture Mousse for Wavy or Curly Hair

Your hair already has gorgeous natural texture… so do you really need texture mousse? Yes, and here’s why: a lightweight mousse gives waves and curls extra definition and bounce. It also helps to tame frizz and make your hair easier to style. Try applying a palmful of texture mousse to damp hair, and then blow dry your curls with a diffuser attachment (or let them air dry). Make sure to choose a weightless mousse to avoid weighing down your hair!

Texture Mousse for Dry or Damaged Hair

Have you been told that mousse is a no-go for damaged hair? That’s true-- but only for alcohol-based products, which can further dry out your strands. Instead, go for a water-based product with hair-friendly, holistic ingredients. 

How Do You Add Texture to Straight Hair?

You can get voluminous, model-off-duty texture… even if your hair is naturally pin-straight! Try these simple tips to add texture to your straight hair:

  • Go braid-crazy. If you wash your hair before bed, skip the blow dryer and put your damp hair into 2-4 braids. (French braids or basic 3-strand braids work well for this.) In the morning, take out the braids and spritz your hair with dry texturizing spray for light, airy volume.

    No time for a shampoo? No worries. Braid your dry hair, flat iron the braids, shake your hair out, and spray dry texturizing spray all over for messy-chic texture in just 10 minutes!
  • Rough dry. After washing your hair, apply texture mousse from roots to ends. Then flip your head over and rough-dry your hair upside down until it’s 80% dry. Stand up and finish blow drying your hair in the opposite direction of your natural hair growth. Apply dry texturizing spray and tousle your hair with your fingers until you get the perfect messy bedhead.
  • Curl like a boss. For sexy, tousled beach waves, prep your dry hair with texture mousse to add grip and manageability. Then use your curling iron to curl only the mid-shafts of your hair, leaving the ends out. This gives you a chill, natural vibe that’s not overly curly. No one will guess that you didn’t really wake up with that gorgeously tousled texture!

Will Texture Mousse Weigh My Hair Down?

The word “mousse” might bring to mind the hard, crispy curls of the 1980s… but this styling product is making a crunch-free comeback. Modern formulations are super-light, invisible and won’t weigh down your hair.

Texture mousse creates workable, natural volume while absorbing excess oil and grease from the hair. It’s also lighter than most hair creams, gels and pomades. This makes texture mousse an especially great choice for fine- or thin-haired folks who need a boost of volume and texture.

Can I Use Texture Mousse Every Day?

Texture mousse is such a versatile product that you may be wondering if you can use it on your hair every day. The answer is YES, as long as you choose the right texture mousse! Stick to a weightless, water-based product with high-quality ingredients, and steer clear of drying alcohol-based mousses.

Try prepping wet hair with texture mousse to pump up the volume in your blowouts. Use it to add structure and grip to your updos. Or just work it into damp or dry hair for instant volume, texture and thickness.

Pro tip: Extend your blowout for up to three days with texture mousse! Using your hands, work texture mousse into the roots of your dry, unwashed hair and brush it through to midstrands. Blow dry the mousse into your hair on medium heat and speed, using a round brush to create lift at the roots. No one ever needs to know that you scored extra beauty sleep instead of washing your hair (wink, wink)!

Can I Use Mousse on Wet or Dry Hair?

Texture mousse works on both wet and dry hair. Apply it to clean, damp hair before blow drying for intense volume with lots of natural movement and bounce! Late for work? Just apply texture mousse and let your strands air dry-- the mousse gives some structure and manageability to unruly wet hair.

If you want to add volume without washing or misting your hair, apply texture mousse to dry hair from roots to mid-shafts. For extra polish, blow dry the product into your hair with a round brush.

Can I Use Texture Mousse Before or After Blow Drying?

It is recommended to use texture mousse before blow drying your hair. The heat from your blow dryer helps to activate the mousse’s volumizing ingredients. Texture mousse also extends the life of your blowout.

Pro tip: For maximum volume, use a large round brush to lift sections of hair up and away from your face while you blow dry.

Will Texture Mousse Make My Hair Crunchy?

Mousse is back… but don’t worry, the right texture mousse won’t make your hair sticky, crispy or crunchy! Today’s natural, carefree hairstyles require soft and touchable volume, and that’s exactly what texture mousse delivers.

Water-based texture mousse is weightless and invisible, so you might not feel like you’re wearing product in your hair at all! But you’ll definitely see the difference. This versatile styling foam gives you intense volume, undone texture, and long-lasting hold. It also makes unruly hair more workable and easier to style. Texture mousse is your secret weapon for a good hair day, ‘err day.

Is Texture Mousse Bad For Hair?

Whether or not texture mousse is bad for your hair depends on the product. Alcohol-based mousses (like the ones used to create the “big hair” of the 80s and 90s) can dry out and damage your hair. Over time, this leads to breakage, dullness and frizz. Not a good look.

Keep your hair healthy and vibrant by avoiding mousses with alcohol, silicones or synthetic fillers. Instead, look for a water-based mousse with natural, holistic ingredients that nourish your delicate strands. This weightless texture mousse contains holding agents, conditioners and natural plant extracts that help your hair look and feel its best.

Pro tip: If your hair is naturally dry and coarse, use a light moisturizing serum in your hair before applying texture mousse. 

What Is The Best Texture Mousse?

AIIR Texture Mousse is the best texture mousse for all hair types. It’s the perfect hybrid of a dry shampoo foam and a volumizing mousse. This weightless and invisible mousse creates intense, workable body and texture. It also gives you some grip and soft hold for easier styling.

Rather than making your hair stiff or crunchy, AIIR Texture Mousse leaves your hair touchably soft, manageable and easy to brush through. It adds instant volume to both damp and dry hair. Use it to prep your hair before blow drying or upstyling. Or extend your blowout by applying AIIR Texture Mousse in place of dry shampoo. Volcanic ash naturally absorbs excess oil from your scalp to visibly thicken and refresh your hair in seconds.

AIIR Texture Mousse is also infused with a special blend of natural botanicals designed to nourish your beautiful hair and uplift your beautiful spirit. Marigold extract supports scalp wellness and healthy hair growth. Glycerin conditions your hair, and lemongrass extract naturally reduces stress and strengthens hair follicles. The scent is light and airy, like a wildflower field after a refreshing spring rain.

Best of all, AIIR Texture Mousse is fully vegan, ethically sourced and free of gluten, sulfates and parabens. It’s the first mousse to support holistic Hair Wellness through natural plant-based ingredients that promote good vibes. AIIR Texture Mousse is the best mousse for a healthy and beautiful mane, body, soul, and planet.